South Bohemian Region
service for a Regional Authority

  • multilanguage presentation materials of the region in a unifying design motif
  • thematic copies (culture, tourist trade, sport)
  • display boards, exposition mercantile, sign-making, advertising items
  • PR and PA set of printed material, booklets, CD and power-point presentations
  • design and execution of annual reports of the South Bohemian region since its establishment in 2001
  • calendars, New Year’s cards, photo albums, posters, labels, boards and packing
  • thematic cycle DVD Music, Vltava, South Bohemian region, Entrepreneurship, Lipno
  • educational set Protection of Population, instructional posters and brochures
  • materials on the project Reinforcement of Absorption and Administrative Capacity of the South Bohemian Region
  • memorial volumes about sociodemography, European projects, international relations