Information Centre of Classical Power Engineering Tušimice
exposition project, ČEZ a.s.

  • concept of an information centre of North Bohemian coal-fired power plants
  • basic design of an exhibition and educational exposition and design of a new building
  • entire architectonic, content and technical design of the project
  • design of construction as a representative object and a landscape ecotope
  • interactive information pillars, multifunctional conference hall with a 3D cinema
  • scenic motion simulators of mining and power plant equipment
  • interactive virtual models of the power plant and landscape, large-scale projection
  • satellite demonstrative laboratories of electric phenomena accompanied with animation
  • system of monumental greenhouses with flora and fauna from the Tertiary era after recultivation
  • cooperation with special scientific and pedagogical workplaces
  • storyboards, scenarios and PR materials with motifs of power industry and society