dm-drogerie markt
cooperation on marketing programs

  • dm babybonus – custom system to support young parents
  • active beauty – development of beauty and healthy lifestyle (wellness)
  • s-he stylezone – decorative cosmetics and trendy accessories for teenagers
  • active beauty world of advantages – fidelity program for loyal customers
  • Journal dm – periodical advertising brochures for extensive distribution
  • dm Plus – periodical company magazine for internal communication
  • active beauty – periodical custom lifestyle magazine
  • image brochures, leaflets, puzzle, playing cards, discount coupons
  • POS materials, stands, wobblers, shelf tapes, shelf stoppers
  • advisory posters, shop-window posters and stickers
  • newspaper and magazine advertisement, personal advertisement
  • advertisement and background materials for presentation on www.dm-drogeriemarkt.cz
  • personalized direct mailing for customer programs
  • book series "active beauty – edition"
  • events at the opening of new outlets